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TriEl Ltd. is an independent company which was established in year 2000 with main
activities “Engineering, Contracting and Consulting” in the field of Electrical Power
Supply Projects.
The company has its place in the competitive market, where the basic aims are high quality and reasonable prices of the offered services, completion on the scheduled
time of all undertaken engagements, covering particular needs of each client.

All that is achieved due to the long experience and high qualification of the staff
of the company. The key personnel has experience in execution of power supply
projects in the electrical grids not only of Bulgaria, but also in some Near East and
African countries, like Lebanon, Nigeria, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia and Iraq.

Today the main activities of TriEl Ltd. in the field of Power Supply Projects are:
  1. 1. Consultancy and Design Solutions
  2. 2. Supply of equipment and materials
  3. 3. Project Management, Installation and Supervision
  4. 4. Commissioning and Start up
  5. 5. Services and Support.
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